Grow Your Business

How about a ‘Dad’ joke?

Q: What do you call Bob the builder when he retires?

A: Bob!

This joke rings true for many business owners and operators, because their business often ends up defining who they are. And that’s because it’s so important to them.

But your business is important to us too.

Big V Botique


Published by CIA Tax for its clients many years ago, Big V Boutique is a book about how to creatively position your growing business. All our paperback copies sold out years ago, but a chapter in Dr Steven Enticott’s book, Financial Distraction, still has all the main messages from the original (updated, of course).

If you’re interested in finding out more about how to position your business for maximum efficiency or even for its next big step, order your copy of Financial Distraction today (and email us if you’re interested in receiving a complimentary electronic copy of the original Big V Boutique).

Why we LOVE small and medium-sized businesses

We especially love small and medium-sized businesses because CIA Tax is a business itself, and its staff and principals have a passion for servicing other businesses. Some of our most valuable lessons come from the experiences of people who have seen and done it all before. Your business will benefit from our extensive experience as well as from the experiences we’ve gathered over the years and shared with other client businesses just like yours.

Key money ‘growing pain’ tips

There are some very basic tips when it comes to growing your business, here is a checklist of reminders when it comes to avoiding some painful business cash flow growing pains:

  • The money that comes in the door is not all yours!
  • Put aside a percentage of your income for expenses like GST, super, work cover, and taxes.
  • Fund your business activities properly and ideally with a loan.
  • Stay up-to-date with your tax obligations, every quarter at least.
  • Tax planning happens at three-quarter time, not after the final siren (June 30).