CIA Growth

CIA Growth’s program for small to medium (SME) business success is designed to liberate and empower the 9,000,000 Aussies with the ambition to start their own business, little or big.

Currently, only 6% of us have done it.  Only 6%.

Need motivation?  Start with Moana Hope’s short video about CGU’s Ambition Index and you’ll understand why we’re here.

Ambition is your first step.  Talk to us about our Launch Program for shaping your idea into a viable proposition ready for take-off.

Then, become a part of our Master Mentor Membership.  You will never be on your own.  Tools, support, professional guidance are all available to you.

Most small business owners are super passionate and talented at what they do but don’t have the time, experience or knowledge to optimise their journey to success.  We ensure you are:

  • structured for success,
  • streamlined for profit, and
  • side-step the all too common mistakes that can bring us down.