Christmas Break – It’s summer, so start a business – Free start up mentoring – Buying a nature positive island

2023 has been a huge year of change (once again) and it appears the interest rate rise cycle seems to have ended its run for a while and we go into 2024 with a sense of economic optimism, well we at CIA are anyway. 

CIA is closed from Friday 1pm on the 22nd of December until 9am Wednesday the 10th of January and we wish you all a wonderful and restful break.

In 2024 we’d love to see many of our clients start a business no matter how big or small and to assist we will be doing free mentoring sessions over summer (contact Dr Steve: for further details.

To get you started here are 4 * one-minute clips to get your thoughts going over the summer break.  

Profits are better than wages: Wages are fixed • Profits are the gap between income and expenses • Opportunity to increase income and decrease expenses = for bigger profits.   Video: Podcast:

How to start a fun business: Pick something you love to do • Small scale commercialisation • Expand it.  Video: Podcast:

How to start a booming business: Make a list of consumer problems • Think tank the issues • Do the do-able solutions Video: Podcast:  

Start a business to sell a business: Staff buyout • Competitor buyout • New entrant targeting Video: Podcast:

If you don’t yet have a copy of Dr Steve’s business success book “The Man with a Plan” they are freely available to clients in the reception area of CIA tax.   

Safe Havens for Endangered Species – Buying Islands Another big year supporting CIA’s nature positive works at: Contact us if you would like to get involved!