Financial Distraction

Everyone wants to be financially secure. So why aren’t you?

Financial distraction is the greatest single barrier to getting everything we want out of life, because it’s all too easy to defer, ignore, stall or mess up any or all of the strategies that enable us to reach our financial goals.

No matter where we are in life, we’ve all got financial distractions! Here are some of the common distractions the book addresses (which ones are yours?):

  • Raising Children?
  • Investing in property?
  • Getting divorced?
  • Growing a business?
  • Thinking about self-managed super funds?
  • Budgeting?
  • Suffering tax jealousy?
  • Worried about illness?
  • Struggling with debt?
  • Wondering why we work?
  • Doing a will?
  • Having problems with the tax office?
  • Questioning the safety of the share market?

This book collates 16 years of real case-study experience to show you how to remove financial distraction from your life and reach your financial goals faster and more easily.

Overcome the financial distractions of everyday life and create a direct path to financial security.

Purchase this book by Dr Steven Enticott to help you on your way.

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