Tax & the Ag-Investment (Buy a Farm!)

6.30pm on April 12th – Buying a Farm with Superannuation (or a trust)

Interested in owning a farm? Should be…
It is our belief that rural land in a world full of growing demand is fundamentally undervalued and will outperform other assets into the future.

@ CIA we own lands and there is hardly anything more tax effective (tax-saving) than having the ownership of rural lands held in a tax friendly environment (superannuation or a trust) that is being commercially tenanted back to the higher income taxpayer (tax deductions) generating longer term growth and future income streams.

Dr Steven Enticott will bring you one of the most powerful tax saving net wealth accelerating tax-talk topics of all time…

Contact CIA for the location, time & all the details.

Other seminar dates for your diary…

March 23rd – Buying Commercial Property with Superannuation
June 1st – Be Set for the End of Year Tax Planning / Savings!

& The FINAL Reminder!

If we haven’t seen your 2015 tax details into our office… the 2015 lodgement dates occur anywhere between December 2015 and May 15th 2016 and if you would like to query your latest lodgement date just call the office and we will happily advise.

Remember late lodgement of tax returns incur unnecessary penalties and additional Tax Office scrutiny, so make the time to email, mail or better still get yourself into CIA tax’s office ASAP and avoid those late taxing issues!

Let’s see a great result soon…