Do $omething!

Why Something:

If we do nothing, nothing compounds into nothing but if we do something, something always compounds into something.

Learn from something:

Even if something fails, you have learnt something from it, no loss in loss.

Why do something:

Cause something gives you greater choices.

We can always do something: Choice!

For the Youngsters: Work hard or Part-time (at School), Start up a business, Cash savings, Shares/ETF, Margin Lend towards property, Risk is good!

For the Richer: Tax structuring, Investment trusts, negative gearing, property depreciations, imputation credits, superannuation, good/bad debt, giving!

For the not so Richer: Super superannuation, insurances, budgets, neutral or positive gearings (Shares), maximise government benefits/rebates, bill budgets

Now Here’s Something:

The Financial Health Index that follows identifies the ‘Something’s ‘ that you can all get started upon, Go On, Do $omething!

Building something:

The Three Pillars and the passage of time

Generally speaking, the Three Pillars deal with the passage of time in the following ways:
Pillar 1:

  • Focus on tax-effective investments and savings from the moment you enter the workforce.
  • Think about starting the savings initially with a share portfolio (for example by moving into Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), which I’ll talk about later on in the book) and speed the process by re-investing the dividends for growth instead of cash.
  • Accumulate the savings for a deposit on a rental property or other investments.

Pillar 2:

  • Home ownership. Aim to commence this phase around marrying age (say mid-twenties to thirties), depending on when or if this happens to you, of course. At this point we look at moving all of Pillar 1 into Pillar 2 (your home).

Pillar 3:

  • Superannuation. This really should always be the focus. Although you should always treat your superannuation seriously even when you’re young, this pillar becomes a major focus once you’ve reached fifty.


Dr Steven Enticott is a finance professional, speaker, author, taxation specialist and senior partner of CIA Tax – Melbourne, Australia (17 years).

Dr Enticott is a Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA), a Fellow of The Institute of Public Accountants (FIPA), a Fellow Member of the Taxation Institute of Australia (FTIA), and a member of the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA).

Dr Enticott holds an Advanced Diploma of Business (Accounting), a Masters of Business Administration (MBA), a Diploma of Financial Services (DiPFS), and a Doctorate of Business (DBA).

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