History of CIA Tax

Steven Enticott’s – 20 Year Journey through CIA Tax: 22nd of July 1996 – 2016

1995 – The “Pascoe Fiasco” started the journey even before it began (Tax fraud)
1996 – Completed Advanced Diploma of Business (Accounting) sending 30 letters to local accountants
1996 – Started at IA&FC at 427 South Rd under Bruce Somerville replacing “The Pascoe Fiasco”
1996 – Most beautiful Emma born (the month after starting as a junior at IA&FC)
1997 – Working after hours from home, building towards $10,000 in fees and lodging with Teletax!
1998 – Professional Units Completed (NIA), joined the Tax Institute
1998 – IA&FC downsized and the remnant moved to 423 South Rd (and Craig Somerville to Ringwood)
1999 – Aaron Hurle and Peter Burrell come on board; draft picks
1999 – Bought out Chris Hall fees traded under Independent Accounting
2000 – GST introduced along with a large fee growth spurt
2001 – First tree farm purchased (at Digby)
2002 – MBA Masters completed
2003 – Harry my awesome son is born
2003 – IA&FC’s Port Melbourne (Complete Accounting) branch office closes
2005 – Trading begins under the name CIA Tax
2006 – Business starts growing and we move back to 427 South Rd
2006 – Together with Aaron Hurle, we buy out the depleted remnants of IA&FC from the liquidator
2007 – Doctorate complete (12 years after commencing study)
2007 – Financial Planner Diploma / Accreditations achieved
2007 – Family/financial break down (almost the collapse of CIA)
2008 – Peter Burrell comes on board as a partner
2010 – Purchase of the 427 South Rd building along with Aaron and Peter
2013 – Financial Distraction book released
2015 – Columnist in the Financial Review
2015 – Construction of 658 South Rd/Barbara Ford
2015 – Heartwood Structured commences (more trees)
2015 – Married to Ali
2016 – Double digit growth continues!

The last 20 years have been a financial journey. Arriving with little (just a mortgage) and earning $25k, yet working hard inside and outside of work hours (balanced) while still staying involved in everything at all times (participation).

Studies were purposed and continual (also tax deductible) often at 6AM before the working day started.

Effectively going broke 10 years into the CIA tax journey after a marriage breakdown, but fortunate enough to be able to borrow money from family to get going in life once again.

CIA’s never been boring (throw in 8 Ironman medals to date) and is a major part of a God given mission to help others financially. Finally, be encouraged to take on all things in life; live life to its fullest and write your own 20-year story.

2017 – CIA – International and beyond!