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Beyond Subsistence


Beyond Subsistence is a non-profit organisation that undertakes forestry and agroforestry development.

Many of the world’s poorest people are subsistence farmers – they live on what they grow from year to year. Sadly, poor crop yields or crop failure can lead to malnutrition or starvation. Trees are an essential ingredient for subsistence farmers to break the poverty cycle. The integration of trees into farming environments can replenish soils, provide nutritious seed for food, fuel for cooking and valuable timber for building.

Our focus on forestry and agroforestry is designed to bring about long-term, sustainable improvements in the areas of farm productivity, nutrition, housing, community wealth and the environment.

Together, we can help move some of the world’s poorest Beyond Subsistence.

Master Tree Grower Program Zimbabwe

Master TreeGrower Program: Zimbabwe

In June of 2016, CIA tax once again sponsored the Master TreeGrower (MTG) program this time in Zimbabwe

CIA Tax sponsored all 58 participants to attend this life-changing training opportunity and will continue it’s support annually.

Read all about the tour here: MTG Report July 2016

Master TreeGrower Program: Ethiopia

In November of 2015, a small farming community in the central highlands of Ethiopia was the location for its nation’s first ever Master TreeGrower (MTG) program.

Hosted by SIM Ethiopia and facilitated by Beyond Subsistence, the five-day program trained forty of the region’s leading farmers and government personnel with life-changing agroforestry skills.

CIA Tax have sponsored all 40 participants to attend this life-changing training opportunity.

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First Option

CIA tax are the tax advisors that First Option recommend and we use and recommend their excellent services.

Who is First Option?

First Option Credit Union is Australia’s leading credit union for the gaming, leisure, hospitality, telecommunications and energy industries. We are a niche provider of banking products and services for people who want VIP service. Over recent years we have won numerous awards from both Canstar and Money magazine.

Member Owned Banking

First Option is owned by its members. This means that our profits are invested back into the business in the form of better rates, lower fees and an improved member experience. We don’t have to pay dividends to a small group of shareholders, so our decisions are not purely based on profit making.
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Heartwood Plantations

CIA tax are and we use and recommend their excellent services.

Heartwood Plantations is an innovative forestry business that develops beautiful hardwood timber investments.

Located in the high rainfall region of Gippsland Victoria, Heartwood Plantations specialises in Australian eucalyptus species with rapid growth, natural durability and proven market acceptance.

With more than 20 years of experience in plantation forestry, a platform of research and strong product markets, Heartwood Plantations can provide you with the ideal timber investment opportunity.
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Crowd Mobile

CIA Tax and Crowd Mobile are partnered in developing an App to provide Micro-Advice which will give users the opportunity to obtain tax and investment planning advice from the experts at CIA Tax – in time for the upcoming tax season.

Who are Crowd Mobile?

Crowd Mobile is a mobile-first company with a world-leading platform that provides personalised expert advice that go beyond Google. Operating across 50 countries and 30 languages, the Company has partnered with over 160 mobile carriers to enable users to pay for its products and services through their mobile phone or with Google or Apple Pay. Crowd Mobile, which has also developed a diverse range of products in the m-payment, entertainment and infotainment space, is listed on the Australian and Frankfurt stock exchanges.

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CIA Tax recognises the strong developing trade links between Australia and China. We take pride in our colleague networking programme and mutual advisories between our two countries.

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